System of astrometrical databases of Pulkovo observatory.

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Pulkovo photogaphic catalogs:
PUL2 , Pul-3 (Pul-3 SE) , Pul ERS

PUL2 catalog (CDS I/295)

PUL2 catalog contains original absolute proper motions of 59646 stars in 149 fields with galaxies. The catalog was constucted at Pulkovo using the results of observations obtained with the Normal astrograph according to program of construction of Catalog of faint stars by A.N.Deich's plan. The first epochs were obtained from 1937 to 1965, the second epochs from 1969 to 1986. The mean difference of epochs is 24 years. There are not less than 3 plates for each field. Each plate has 1-hour and 5-minute exposures. One pair of plates has been exposured with a diffraction grid. The limit photographic magnitude in the catalog is 17.0. About 700 galaxies were used for absolutisation of relative proper motions. Mean errors of relative proper motions in PUL2 catalog is 5.5 mas/year. The mean error of absolutisation by galaxies is 7.9 mas/year for both of coordinates. The external mean error of one relative proper motion of a bright star of PUL2 catalog is 9 mas/year for both of coordinates.

Pul-3 catalog (CDS I/290)

A catalogue of positions and proper motions of 58483 stars (Pul-3) has been constructed at the Pulkovo observatory. The Pul-3 is based on the results of measurements of photographic plates with galaxies (Deutsch's plan). All plates were taken using the Pulkovo Normal Astrograph (the first epoch is in the 1950s and the second epoch is in the 1970s). The Pul-3 catalogue contains stars of mainly 12 to 16.5 mag in 146 fields with galaxies in the declination zone from -5 to +85 degrees. The Tycho-2 has been used as a reference catalogue. The mean epoch of the Pul-3 is 1963.25. The internal positional accuracy of the Pul-3 catalogue at the mean epoch of observations is 80 mas. The accuracy of the proper motions is mostly within 3 mas/yr to 12 mas/yr. Comparisons of the Pul-3 with Tycho-2 and ARIHIP have been done at the mean epoch of the Pul-3. The Pul-3 external positional accuracy relative to Tycho-2 is 150 mas.
Pul-3 catalog was formed from observation material obtained in two epochs: 1950s and 1970s. Relative proper motions, given in the catalog, were also obtained from these data. After issue of UCAC2 catalog, we decided to improve accuracy of proper motions, using Pul-3 coordinates (of 1950s) as the first epoch, and UCAC2 coordinates as the second epoch. New proper motions were obtained for 34081 stars with declination from -5 to +42 degrees. New proper motions and UCAC2 identificator were added to Pul-3 catalog. So Pul-3 SE catalog was formed. Internal accuracy of new proper motions is 2-4 mas/year. External accuracy is 3-5 mas/year. The final version of new proper motions of Pul-3 stars with declination from -5 to +90 degrees will be issued after completing of all observations of UCAC project (UCAC3).

Pul ERS catalog

Observations of star fields around 73 extragalactic radio sources with delination from +26 to +90 degrees were performed on Normal astrograph of Pulkovo observatory from 1992 till 1997. At present time catalogs of stars in neighborhood of 23 extragalactic radio sources are obtained (23 individual catalogs - Pul ERS). Catalogs contain precise equatorial coordinates of stars up to 16m in ICRS/Tycho system for mean epoch close to 1993.0, and estimates of magnitudes as well. In addition to coordinates of stars around radio sources, equatorial coordinates of 13 brightest extragalactic radio sources were determined. Total number of stars in 23 catalogs is 2817, 1647 of them (with magnitude from 13 to 16) are located within 16 arcmin range from extragalactic radio sources. The goal of this work is the determination of precise coordinates of faint stars in modern reference system, which can be used as reference stars for observations of extragalactic radio sources on instruments with CCD detectors.