With deepest regret we have to inform that

October 4, 2013 on the 75th year of age
Head of the Laboratory of astrometry and stellar astronomy
Evgenia Khrutskaya passed away.

Evgenia Khrutskaya Evgenia Khrutskaya was born August 30, 1939 in Yakutsk, USSR. She entered Technical Faculty of Yakutsk State University after graduating high school with a silver medal in 1957. In 1960 Evgenia was invited to the Leningrad State University as a talent student, and she graduated it in 1962 with a mathematics degree. In accordance with assignment she was sent to Nikolaev branch of the Pulkovo observatory.

At the Nikolaev Observatory Eugene Khrutskaya worked with the meridian circle, she made a lot for automatization of observational process, and in 1973 she created the catalog of right ascensions obtained for more than 6000 stars, and she defended her thesis.

In 1982, Eugene Khrutskaya moved to Leningrad and moved to Pulkovo Observatory. She has developed a method of compiling of combined catalogs and mathematically rigorous justification of weights assignment and established a combined catalog of positions and motions of 4949 geodetic stars all over the sky on the basis of association of 29 catalogs. This work was the basis for her doctoral thesis, which Evgenia successfully defended in 1994. After the creation of space Hipparcos catalog she performed the series of works related to the analysis of systematic and random errors of ground-based catalogs of bright stars.

Evgenia became an expert and applied the new methods that appear in our time rapidly developing technology. Since 1995, she worked actively with CCD and processing CCD-observations. In 1999 the web-site "Astrometric databases of Pulkovo Observatory" was developed under her guidance. From 2004 to the present, Evgenia Khrutskaya was Head of the Laboratory of astrometry and stellar astronomy.

Evgenia was extremely modest and generous person, wonderful friend, her memory will remain forever in the hearts of her friends, colleagues and students.

Team of Laboratory of astrometry and stellar astronomy
Pulkovo observatory