Работа поддержана грантом РФФИ 15-02-03025

Photometric observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites at the Pulkovo observatory in 2014-2015

M.Yu. Khovritchev, I.S. Izmailov, E.A. Roshchina, D.L. Gorshanov, A.M. Kulikova
Pulkovo Observatory, Russian Academy of Sciences
(Submitted on 21 Dec 2016)

We present the results of photometric observations of the mutual phenomena in the system of Galilean satellites obtained during 2014-2015. The observations were performed using the 26-inch refractor, Normal Astrograph, ZA-320 telescope of the Pulkovo Observatory (084) and MTM-500 telescope at Pulkovo mountain station at Kislovodsk (C20). We made observations a total of 72 phenomena. We had derived 51 light curves of good and medium quality for 34 events. The RMS of determining the brightness is within a range from 0.02 to 0.19 mag, the average RMS is 0.06 mag. This work was supported by RFBR grant (project 15-02-03025).