The Pul-3 astrometric catalogue (Second edition). Data access form.

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please read short description of the access form controls to the end of the form
available columns short discription
        PUL3_n Pul-3 number (Obligatory parameter)
        RA Right Ascension (ICRF/Tycho-2) J2000 at the central epoch of obs. (hours, minutes, seconds) (Obligatory parameter)
        DE Declination (ICRF/Tycho-2) J2000 at the central epoch of obs. (degrees, arcmin, arcsec) (Obligatory parameter)
eRA standard error in RA (*cos(DE)). (arcsec)
eDE standard error in DE. (arcsec)
mRA proper motion in RA (*cos(DE)) (ICRF/Tycho-2). (mas/yr)
mDE proper motion in DE (ICRF/Tycho-2). (mas/yr)
emRA formal error in mRA (*cos(DE)). (mas/yr)
emDE formal error in mDE. (mas/yr)
T central epoch of observations. (yr)
mag photographic magnitude obtained at the Pulkovo
      N number of observations
      F Indicator of overlap fields
TY2_n Tycho-2 number
      Pal number of field from POSS-I survey
B B magnitude from USNO-A2.0 catalogue
R R magnitude from USNO-A2.0 catalogue
nmRA new proper motion in RA (*cos(DE)) (ICRF/Tycho-2). (mas/yr)
nmDE new proper motion in DE (ICRF/Tycho-2). (mas/yr)
enmRA standard error in nmRA (*cos(DE)). (mas/yr)
enmDE standard error in nmDE. (mas/yr)
UCAC2n UCAC2 number


* total proper motion (based on values mRA and mDE). (mas/yr)
NPM * total new proper motion (based on values nmRA and nmDE). (mas/yr)
to forbid selection with parameter
to the top of the form * These values are not included into the original catalogue, but they are calculated everytime. Check the apropriate checkbox to output these data and radiobutton to select stars within interval.
Parameters of the request

RA of the center of area
(hh mm ss.s)

DE of the center of area
(+/-dd am as)

angular radius of the center of area (arcmin)
Format of the positional data:
RA in h m s and DE in dd am as
RA and DE in degrees
show image
box size in arcmin

orientations of the image
select stars within parameter interval:
output to:
plain text file
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