System of astrometric databases of Pulkovo observatory.

26-inch refractor
Pulkovo system of astrometric databases consists of three databases, which contain results of processing photographic and CCD observations, obtained with the 26-inch refractor and the Normal astrograph of Pulkovo observatory.
  1. Pulkovo photographic catalogs: Pul-2, Pul-3 (Pul-3 SE), Pul ERS
  2. Results of photographic and CCD observations of Solar system objects
  3. Results of photographic and CCD observations of selected visual double stars
At present time all databases are completed and open for users.
Also information about accuracy of CCD observations of minor planets (obtained at different observatories worldwide) is available.
If you are interested in CCD observation processing, we can offer you to download original IZMCCD program (created by I.S.Izmailov).

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